Dress Code

Dress Code

1. Emporia Christian School seeks to provide an atmosphere conducive to reverent study and the development of strong Christian character. Therefore, students are to look their best and represent the Lord Jesus Christ well. Because it is our desire that all of our students be dressed in modesty and in good taste, the following dress code applies at all times when on school grounds or field trips:

A). All clothing must be modest. (I Timothy 2:9; Philippians 4:9) Dress and skirt lengths are not to be higher than two inches above the knee. It is recommended that younger girls wear shorts under their dresses. Coordinated sweat clothes that are in good condition will be permitted. Shorts should be no shorter than the middle of the thigh. Split skirts or skorts may be worn any day except chapel days.

B). Unacceptable attire includes clothing with written messages contrary to Christ-centered morals or standards, spaghetti strap/sun dresses, low neck lines or large sleeve openings, tight fitting clothing, tank tops, halter tops, body shirts, pants or shorts with wording across the seat, or short shorts. No skin-tight shorts such as spandex or bicycle-type shorts are permitted. Clothes may not be worn in a way that may expose undergarments. For their own safety, students are not allowed to wear flip-flops.

C). Grooming issues—hair spray may not be applied in the classroom. Hair may not be brushed or combed in the classroom. Perfumes and colognes, when used in excess, can be very offensive to others. Some people are allergic to the scents. Therefore, only light use is permitted, and it should never be applied in the classroom. No jewelry associated with non-Christian, occult, or cultic religions may be worn.

2. Winter Weather Conditions — Students will go out for recess every day that weather permits. They need to bring clothing appropriate for weather changes. Students will be kept indoors when the temperature or wind chill drops below 15 degrees. Only students with written parental requests will be allowed to stay indoors because of legitimate health concerns during regular recess periods.

3. Physical Education Dress — Good shoes that protect and support the feet are required for PE.


Chapel Dress Statement

1. As part of training our children to be tomorrow’s leaders, we expect them to dress up one day per week.

2. Therefore, every student in grades 1-8 is required to dress up for Chapel Day. All clothing and shoes worn on Chapel Day must be clean and in good condition. Please observe the following Chapel Day dress guidelines:

3. Girls are required to wear solid color polo shirts—red, navy, light blue—or long sleeved light blue oxford shirts. Khaki slacks any length (uniform Docker style not jean material), skirts (no shorter than two inches above the knee), or shorts (mid thigh). Flip flops are not to be worn.

4. Boys are required to wear solid color polo shirts—red, navy, light blue—or long sleeved light blue oxford shirts. Khaki slacks (uniform Docker style not jean material) or shorts (mid thigh). Flip flops are not to be worn

5. Emporia Christian School reserves the right to determine whether or not clothing is acceptable.

To read our full dress code policy please refer to page 13 of our parent and student handbook.